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Kabura-Sugi The Turnip Tree of Dogo

This unusual tree is called Kabura Sugi and it can be found on Dogo, the largest of the Oki Islands in the Japan Sea off the coast of Shimane. Kabura is a kind of Japanese turnip-like vegetable with a round body with numerous stems rising vertically.

This particular tree has 6 trunks and rises to about 42 meters. It is estimated to be about 600 years old.

I believe it a species of

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Have you ever wanted to travel to Japan and thought that it’s too expensive?

Have you ever wanted to travel to Japan and thought that it’s too expensive?

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright © 2018 – All rights reserved.

Japan is not expensive, in fact it’s about a third of the price of travelling Australia for accommodation, travel, eating out and lots more.

I have been travelling in Japan for 25 plus years, over 35 trips to do research and write business / travel articles and give lectures.

Preparing for the trip

Before going to Japan, learn a little Japanese language and read about Japanese culture from books and websites. You can also buy some great phrase books for your travels.

This is a great


There is a wide range of accommodation for you from hostels, budget to five-star hotels, capsule hotels, internet cafes, regulated Airbnb places to rent, Ryokans, traditional Japanese Inns, some of which are run by Japanese families, or are larger establishments.

Eating out

You can find budget places to eat across Japan from restaurants, mom and pop eateries, to food trucks, markets and convenience stores.

Japan’s countryside

I love Japan’s countryside and you will love it too, when you venture out of the major cities – In my Japan budget travel course, I can tell you all my favourite off the beaten track places to go and how to get there.

Shiraishi Island is one of my favourite places to travel in Japan – so peaceful and quiet away from the tourist crowded cities. I love this place and here is a short view of Shiraishi Island for you


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The 6 Best Day Trips from Tokyo During the Olympics

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Whether you’re coincidently in town during the Olympics or coming over to cheer on your country, your visit during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is going to be a summer you’ll never forget. While there’s always plenty of excitement buzzing through the streets, sometimes, to recharge, you need to escape the city—even if just for a day.
Luckily, Tokyo is surrounded by some of the most incredible day-trip opportunities, many of which are available in tidy package deals that not only save time on the organization side, but usually save you money too. From the majestic Mt. Fuji to the verdant valleys of Nikko, the Ghibli Museum to Gunma’s bountiful fruit farms, get out of the city and in touch with a different side

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Air Travel With Kids: The Keys To A Successful Flight

Air Travel With Kids: a little girl crying

Back in the days, I dreaded getting on that first 15-hour flight with my then 9-month-old. The idea of facing air travel with my kid when going back to the States was giving me pure nightmares.

Now aged five years old, my daughter is a veteran traveler with a total of 7 round trip flights between Japan and the USA under her young belt. I have acquired experience along this rocky way and I’m here today to give you the lifesaving tips I always keep in mind when air-traveling with kids. So buckle up and bon voyage!

Rule Nº1: Logistics Are Key!

When it comes to kids, there is no such thing as “improvisation”. If there is only one thing you should remember from this article, it surely is logistics. Think, prepare, check everything!

Prior to the flight

The first step to prepare your air travel experience with a kid is placed way ahead of your trip: read your child a storybook about flying on airplanes.

Be it the first or seventh trip you are doing together, your little one may not know what to expect inside a plane and it can be frightening. Reading a story together is the best way to help apprehend the upcoming experience. “My First Airplane Ride” by Patricia Hubbell is a good choice for young kids. It is also fun to visit an airplane museum if you have one in your area!

Don’t forget to prepare your outfit too! Making yourself comfortable will surely help your toddler feel comfortable as well.

Direct Flights Are Always The Easiest

My advice: go for a flight that will allow for maximum sleeping time.

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