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“Suggested Travel Writer” on

Cool beans! Not exactly sure how to take this – ‘though the expression “with a grain of salt” jumps to mind – but apparently I have earned “suggested writer” status in the Travel section on

I’m genuinely flattered, and it makes me want to sit down and write more essays and stories and publish them online, though to be honest I’m not sure what, exactly, it means to be a suggested writer. Is it a decision made by a cabal of wise gnomes at, or is it some less-personal, more automated process, an algorithmic accretion of views/reads/recommends?

In either case, I’ll put aside the salt for a moment, as well as the self-deprecating humour, and take the credit gracefully and gratefully.

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Kuroshio Town Ogata Library

One of the delights of wandering the backwaters of Japan, for me at least, is stumbling upon huge pieces of modern architecture, often quite surreal, which would not look out of place in a big city, but are found in the most rural, depopulated areas.

The number of small towns and villages which are home to massive auditoriums, museums, etc is quite staggering, and most date their

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Getting the Cheapest Flights Between Los Angeles and Tokyo

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Eight flights a day connect two of the world’s favorite cities, making travel from Los Angeles to Tokyo (and vice versa) a breeze. Whether you’re looking to hit up Japan’s capital on the holiday of a lifetime or fly in for business, this article is all about helping you do so on the cheap. We’ve thrown in a few tips and tricks about timing and things to do, too, because we’re generous like that (who said cheapos had to be stingy?).
ANA is one of your options when flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo.
Los Angeles to Tokyo – Direct flights vs. layovers
Flight times
If you’re flying straight from LAX to Tokyo (either Haneda or Narita Airport), you’re looking at around 11 hours and 30 minutes of air

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Tokyo Golden Week: Tips for Avoiding the Crowd

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Golden Week refers to a cluster of holidays from late April to early May:

Showa Day (April 29), referring to the previous emperor’s birthday;
Constitution Memorial Day (May 3);
Greenery Day (May 4); and
Children’s Day (May 5).

The gaps in between mean that you never really get a literal week of holidays. If you’re lucky, though, the first holiday will fall exactly on a Friday (leaving only Monday as a regular day)—but next time that happens will be in 2022.
In any case, for many professionals, this sounds like a great time to take a vacation. Doesn’t it?
Sure, but… that’s what everyone else is thinking as well. That means, roads, expressways, and trains meant for long-distance travel are congested; pl

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Yakushi Onsen Hatago, Gunma: Japan Photo Drift

A photographer-friendly, photogenic site half-hidden in rural Japan.

We were on an overnight staycation in the mountains of Gunma prefecture, a couple of hours’ drive north of Tokyo. Kayabuki no Sato Yakushi Onsen Hatago is a traditional ryokan onsen hot spring inn half hidden on the shore of the Nurukawa River in a remote river valley.

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