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Kyoto City Bus 206

Kyoto City Bus 206, Kyoto.


Kyoto city bus #206 runs from

The anti-clockwise bus #206 starts from Kitaoji Bus Terminal (Subway Kitaoji Station), then passes Kitaoji Shinmachi, Kitaoji Horikawa, Daitokuji-mae (Daitokuji Temple), Kenkun Jinja-mae (Kenkun-jinja Shrine), Funaokayama, Senbon Kitaoji, Lighthouse-mae, Senbon Kuramaguchi, Kenryuko-mae, Senbon Kamidachiuri, Senbon Imadegawa, Senbon Nakadachiuri, Senbon Demizu, Senbon Nakadachiuri, Senbon Marutamachi, Nijo Station, Senbon Sanjo, Suzaku Ritsumeikan-mae, Mibu Soshajo-mae, Shijo-Omiya, Omiya Gojo, Shimabara-guchi, Nanajo Horikawa, Kyoto Station, Karasuma Nanajo, Nanajo Kawaramachi, Nanajo Keihan-mae, Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae (for Sanjusangendo Temple), Higashiyama Nanajo, Umamachi, Gojozaka, Kiyomizu-michi, Higashiyama Yasui, Gion, Chionin-mae (Chionin Temple), Higashiyama Sanjo (Subway Higashiyama Station), Higashiyama Niomon, Okazaki Koen-guchi, Kumano Jinja-mae (Kumano-jinja Shrine), Konoedori, Kyodai Seimon-mae (Kyoto University), Hyakumanben, Asukaicho, Eiden Mototanaka, Takano, Takagicho, Rakuhoku Koko-mae, Furitsu Daigaku-mae (Kyoto Prefectural University), Shokubutsuen-mae (Botanical Garden) and Karasuma Kitaoji. The clockwise bus follows the route in reverse.

The anticlockwise Kyoto #206 bus service for Kyoto Station begins at 5.30am daily from Kitaoji Bus Terminal and the last bus is 11.14pm. The clockwise Kyoto #206 bus service for Kyoto Station via Kiyomizudera Temple begins at 5.30am daily from Kitaoji Bus Terminal and the last bus is 11.07pm.

Kyoto City Bus 206.

From Kyoto Station the first anticlockwise Kyoto #206 bus is at 5.33am daily and the last bus is at 11.06pm. The clockwise Kyoto #206 bus service from Kyoto Station begins at 5.36am daily and the last bus is 11.08pm. There are 1-9 buses an hour.

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5 Reasons why Skipping Nara is a HUGE mistake


Did you know that one of Japan’s greatest cultural and historical centers is only a short trian ride south of Kyoto? Nara – the ancient capital that was thriving before Kyoto was even a glimmer in the eye of its founder – is truly an untapped tourism resource in the Kansai region that many foreign visitors overlook. In fact, Nara was recently included on several “most overlooked destinations” lists on Japan in 2016, and that really got us thinking at KyoTours Japan about how to better introduce this awesome city to our guests.

So here’s a short list of five great experiences you can look forward to in Nara when you visit, either on your own or on a half day tour to the ancient capital with KyoTours Japan.

1. Meet the World’s Largest Buddha Statue

The Daibutsu (big Buddha) is by far the most must-see sight in Nara. This massive 15 meter tall statue dates back to the 700s, and is truly a central point in Japan’s cultural and religious history. Housed in the world’s largest wooden building (!), the giant Buddha consistently leaves chatty tourists speechless and awestruck as they gaze up at the detailed statue. The stories about the construction and “eye-opening ceremony” of this Buddha that your KyoTours guide will share with you are just as amazing as the statue itself.

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Photo Feature: Kyoto in the Snow

Yesterday was a very special day in Kyoto. Thanks to some very cold air from Siberia pushing down on Japan, we were treated to a record snowfall in the Kansai region. A chance to see Kyoto covered in this much snow is rare indeed, and the guests on our tour yesterday were treated to a real winter wonderland.

Enjoy the following pictures from various locations in Kyoto in the snow, and be sure to follow KyoTours Japan on Instagram for a (semi)daily dose of amazing Kyoto.

These pictures were taken on a modified snowday version of our Kyoto Highlights Tour.

The main gate at Chion-in temple. Always impressive, but even more so with falling snow.

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Everybody is making a snowman

Source: j-hoppers

A happy new year, everyone.

It’s been snowy for a few days in Kyoto.

It looks so good only if you hole up a room with a coffee and see the view of snow from the window but if you have to go out for work etc, that is terrible.

I wish I had skis, so I could commute with them.
I’m just wondering if skiing on sidewalk is legal in Japan or not. I’m not gonna google it so if someone knows, tell me about that.

I was also surprised that the all of the public transportation system in Kyoto worked normal despite of the huge snow storm.

I’m from Takayama where usually has tons of snow in winter so I’m used to this much of snow. So I’m totally fine walking on snow-covered-icy road. But, from my perspective, I thought people in the city were not so good at walking on the snow but I was amazed because I saw a few people riding a bikes in this morning so it was such a brain-washing for me.

Anyway, I hope we get more snow until my friend can finish up his 2 meters of snow man.

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