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Top Dining Recommendations in Kyoto

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It’s been a while since I have posted any restaurant recommendations on here. However, my top dining recommendations for Kyoto are now up on the Work in Japan Today website. In this two-part article I introduce some of the main ingredients and elements of Kyō-ryōri cuisine – and also recommend the best places to eat them!

To read my full list of recommendations check the links below:

Dining in Kyoto: A Short Guide to the Best of Kyō-ryōri – Part 1
Dining in Kyoto: A Short Guide to the Best of Kyō-ryōri – Part 2

The Work in Japan Today site introduces all aspects of Japanese language and culture, with articles on everyday life and work, technology and travel tips. I am a regular contributor to the site and my articles can all be found here.

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A Stroll with Joel on the Omiya Arcade

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Here is the penultimate installment from Edward J. Taylor’s exploration of Kyoto’s streets. This walk continues from where Edward left off last month at Shinmachi.

A stroll with Joel

Another arcade parallel to Shinmachi starts conveniently a short walk up river, so I decide to do the day as a long loop that criss-crosses the city twice. As I once lived equidistant to the two shopping streets, I found myself patronizing both, though Omiya better provided for daily food needs, and I liked being able to bicycle up to shop counters as if at a drive-thru window.

I start the second half of the walk at a little park whose perimeters are defined by the remains of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s Doi, Kyoto’s ‘Great Wall,’ which once ringed the old capital. There’s a great, more impressive stretch slightly to the north and west, within the grounds of Omiya Traffic Park, where school-age kids race around in little motorized hot rods, buzzing past their mothers who gossip away the time.

As I begin to walk I wonder if Hideyoshi would find what’s here today is worth protecting. The street is wider and lined with modern homes, barring one old wooden structure that seems affiliated with a woodworking company. There’s also the Haneda Memorial Hall, Kyoto University’s Center for Eurasian Cultural Studies, named after Professor Dr. Toru Haneda (1882–1955), who pioneered the academic study of Central and Northern Asian history and languages. Despite the focus on diversity within, the style of the building is pure Heisei-era Japanese, which looks to have used the same amount of concrete as the airport of the same name.

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Dumb Type Premiere New Work “2020” at ROHM Theatre, Kyoto – March 28th & 29th

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Many thanks to Juliet Knapp of Kyoto Experiment for letting us know about this upcoming event.

Dumb Type Premiere “2020” at ROHM Theatre Kyoto 2020.3.28 (SAT) – 3.29 (SUN)

Legendary multimedia performance group Dumb Type have announced that the premiere of their first new work in 18 years will take place at Kyoto’s ROHM Theatre this coming March.

Comprising a diverse membership drawn from video, visual art, architecture, dance, design, music computer programming, Dumb Type was founded in 1984 and has since established a reputation at home and abroad for its multimedia performances and installations whose main creative figures and approaches shift each time. This performance marks its first new work since “Voyage” in 2002.

Dumb Type
Formed in 1984, Dumb Type is a group of artists comprised of members from various fields such as visual art, video, computer programming, music and dance. Based in Kyoto, participating members vary from project to project and works produced are unconstrained by existing genres, introduced at home and abroad as multimedia art that crosses all kinds of forms of expression. In parallel with performances, they also create installation works and in 2018 their solo exhibition “DUMB TYPE: ACTIONS + REFLEXIONS” was held at Pompidou Centre Metz (France). An updated version of this exhibition with new works and archive materials opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in November 2019 and continues until February 2020. Dumb Type Official Website:

Work in Progress (2002). Photo by Yoshikazu Inoue

Event Information:
Venue: South Hall, ROHM Theater Kyoto

KYOTO STEAM – International Arts × Science Festival – 2020
Dumb Type New Work (World Premiere) 2020

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Christmas Dinner at Tadg’s 2019

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Folks in Kyoto hankering for a traditional Christmas will be delighted to know that Tadg McLoughlin will once again be serving up a full gala Christmas dinner with all the trimmings at Taigu Craft Beer Pub.

Christmas dinner will be served up on two days: the 24th and 25th with three servings at 18.00, 19.00 and 20.00. Dinner includes seasonal soup and Irish soda bread (oh yes!), a platter with smoked salmon, prosciutto, and mozzarella cheese caprese, Hokkaido venison loin steak, yuzu sherbert, turkey, and gateau au chocolat to complete the feast.

Book this dinner while you can at 075 213 0214!
Taigu (aka Tadg’s craft beer pub) is located on the east side of Kiyamachi just a short walk north of Oike. Here is a map showing the location.

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