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A Japanese winter unlike the others

Japan snow mountain lake

We sent Aussie photographer and influencer Melissa Findley to experience the lesser known Prefectures of Japan (Fukushima, Gunma and Ishikawa). She has returned with amazing experiences to share with you!

Written by Melissa Findley:

As an Australian, when you think of a trip to Japan, your mind instantly travels to iconic locations like Mount Fuji, the colourful lights and chaotic movement of Tokyo City, the snow monkeys in Nagano, the Shinto shrines in Kyoto and Nara Park with its enchanting herd of deer. If you happen to visit during shoulder season, the famous sakura blooming in spring or the fiery colours of autumn will overwhelm your senses in the most magical way imaginable.

However, that is not the Japan I have recently experienced.

This last week was a week full of rich and unexpected adventures with JNTO as we ventured to Fukushima, Gunma and Ishikawa; the lesser-known prefectures of Japan.


When I travelled to Japan back in 2015, with one of my nearest and dearest friends, we were treated to a true Lost In Translation-like experience. This included staying at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, sake at the New York Bar, late night Karaoke Kan in Shibuya and staying awake to watch the Tokyo sky burn pink as the sun rose on the new day. It was one of those trips, which at the time, I didn’t realise how significant it would be to our friendship and subsequently, my love for Japan. I’d been dying to get back ever since.

To me, Japan is one of those countries that I could return to and explore over and over, yet feel like I’ve barely brushed the surface. It both intimidates me creatively, and exponentially excites me culturally. My senses feel alive in Japan and I find peace …continue reading


Katayamazu Onsen: Water, Water Everywhere

Source: Japan Cheapo

Perched on the corner of Lake Shibayama, Katayamazu Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture is a modern town with traditional charm and some of the snazziest hot springs around.
Forming one of the four Kaga Onsen towns along with Awazu, Yamashiro and Yamanaka, Katayamazu Onsen is known for its hot springs and is a major stop on the CAN sightseeing bus route—and with good reason. While it isn’t as traditional as the other towns, it has some great spots and offers a more contemporary side to the hot spring culture of Japan.
An unusual blend of old and new, Katayamazu has a definite water theme, be it hot and steamy, frozen or just placid with the potential for boat cruises. The most immediately visible is Lake Shibayama, said to change co

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Yokohama’s Best Value Craft Beer Bars

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

There’s absolutely stacks to do in Yokohama. You can savor the tastes and smells of Japan’s biggest Chinatown. There’s both the Cup Noodle Museum and the Ramen Museum. Then of course there’s the iconic theme park and the bay itself. But the city is also a little-known haven for craft beer lovers—with dozens of great watering holes within walking distance. Here’s a few of our favorite Yokohama craft beer bars:
Antenna America
Happily, there are two branches of this no-frills beer haven in Yokohama. The first is hidden underground in Yokohama Station. The other is near Kannai Station—closer to the general hustle and bustle of the city. With beer on tap and a wide selection of cans from around the wor

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Mansion for Foreign Engineers in Kagoshima

Ijinkan Foreign Engineers Residence in Kagoshima

Built in 1866 to house British engineers that were constructing a modern spinning mill as part of Satsuma Domains importation of Western technology, the Kyu Kagoshima Bosekisho Gishikan is usually known simply as Ijinkan. Since 2015 it has been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Meiji Industrialization.

Ijinkan Foreigners mansion in

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