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Tokyo Events This Week: Acrobatics and Roppongi Art Night

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Tokyo events for Monday, May 20 to Sunday, May 26, 2019
This week in Tokyo brings drink meet-ups, disco dancing, an all-day/all-night art festival, the impressive Edo Fireman Annual Memorial and more.
Edo Firman Memorial Festival
Startup Lady Night
Startup Lady puts on monthly events featuring forward-thinking conversations for female entrepreneurs and their supporters. This month, join a talk by Maki Nagamori, co-founder and COO of Carry On Inc., to inspire your current journey, or to light that spark to start discovering something new.

Startup Lady NightDates:22nd May, 2019Read more

Downtown Drinks #38
Join the TC gang and fellow cheapos for a drink (or few) and casual mingling at Commune 2nd. This is our 38t

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Hiking in Hiroshima: Sandankyo Gorge

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If you’re down in Hiroshima and have explored the city and history, head out to this stunning ravine for a hike you won’t forget.
An hour from Hiroshima by bus, the Sandankyo Gorge is a haven of fresh air and clear water, with everything you need for a unique day out in the Japanese countryside. With a variety of routes including one for couples, an intermediate and a full trekking course (which takes 5 hours), there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Leading up to Hijiri Lake, the gorge contains five famed scenery spots and is one of the Top 5 Special Valleys of Scenic Beauty in Japan.
Depending on whether you arrive by bus or car, and whether you plan to stay over night in the nearby hotel, you can expl

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Inside Seirei at Nose Myokensan

Looking up from the center of the floor at the Seirei Hall of the Nichiren temple on top of Nose Myokensan.

The altar to the Bodisattva Myoken on the upper floor which is made of glass and is suspended from the roof. Designed by Shin Takamatsu.

Four figures, 2 female and 2 male, representing the Bodhisattvas of the 4 directions hang over the hall.

Only open to the public once a

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Miyazaki Jingu

Miyazaki Jingu is a shrine set in large, wooded grounds a little north of central Miyazaki City.

It enshrines the mythical first emperor, Jimmu, and is very much a modern creation from the early years of Meiji when thegovernment was building the emperor-centered “State Shinto”.

As such it is rather austere and somewhat sterile. In the grounds is the Miyazaki Gokoku Shrine, the

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Festival of Lights: Top 6 Firefly Nights Around Tokyo

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Though it’s still a bit too early for the major fireworks festivals, there are opportunities to see other lights in the sky: fireflies. Read on for recommendations of Tokyo firefly events to experience this beautiful natural phenomenon.
Since it’s mating season for fireflies, the little bugs light the night sky aglow, looking almost magical in the process—like tiny floating lanterns. Japan’s two most common types of firefly are the genji-botaru and heike-botaru, which, for some reason, were named after rival clans during the Heian period. Perhaps it has something to do with how the phenomenon of fireflies emitting light is also known as hotaru gassen, or “battle of the fireflies.”
Tokyo being the u

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