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Myotokuji Temple, Toyo Daishi

At the end of my 11th day walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage I had crossed the border from Tokushima into Kochi and was about bto start the long stretch down the coast to the cape. Myotokuji Temple, lo9cally known as Toyo Daishi, is not one of the 88 temples of the pilgrimage, nor is it one of the twenty extra Bangai temples on the route, yet it is well known to walking pilgrims.

Between the

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Tokyo to Sapporo: The Easiest Ways to Travel

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Sapporo. A great* beer. Also, the capital city of Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan’s far-flung north-eastern region. Famous for the aforementioned beer, an impressive snow festival, and being a jumping-off point for exploring the rest of the large island. Okay, so how does one get there? Well, we know you’re into value, but we doubt you’re so skint you’d rather undertake an arduous overland trek and ocean swim instead of opting for one of these more convenient means of transportation from Tokyo to Sapporo. So read on.
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Things to do in Sapporo

Flights from Tokyo to Sapporo

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Tokyo => Sapporo
Spring Airlines Jap

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The Mystery of Kyoto’s Big Buddha

Like any city with an ancient past, Kyoto is built on its own ruins. Layers of history remain hidden under the modern streets and houses, with many of the most famous structures lost in fires and earthquakes. Locals have their own ideas about what long-lost piece of the city’s architectural history they would wish to be magically restored. Some might pine over the loss of the Jurakudai palace, glittering with elaborate golden decorations and numerous halls of untold opulence. Others may long for a restoration of Honnoji, the temple where (in)famous warlord Nobunaga met his fiery and mysterious death.

However, nothing looms as large over the city’s lost history as the Daibutsu, a massive Buddhist statue that was once the crowning artistic and religious centerpiece of Kyoto. The fact that this grand piece of culture has been lost to time without a trace left behind (almost) is both astonishing and tragic. The story of its construction, destruction, and legacy is just as fascinating today as the statue itself must have been to the first visitors in the 1600s.

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Shinjuku’s Samurai Museum: Explore 800 Years of Evolution

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OK, so here are a couple of things I need to say about myself so you’ll have the context of what you’re about to read: (A) I’m a complete geek when it comes to things that have to do with Japanese martial arts. And, (B) I love the kind of small museums that Tokyo is full of—big museums are great of course, but small ones feel much more personal and allow for a better (and usually deeper) understanding of their subject.
After several decades of starvation in the only European country with no Japanese Studies department in any of its academic institutions, I haven’t yet gotten over the fact that I live in a country where there are literally thousands of places where you can see actual samurai armor and weap

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