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Beyond Kyoto: Tokyo Sightseeing


We’re all about Kyoto here at KyoTours Japan, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have other favorite spots all over Japan. Our Beyond Kyoto series of blogs is all about things to do and places to visit throughout Japan. Today, we’ll fill you in on a few unique locations in Tokyo, the world’s largest city and a must-see spot on any Japan vacation. Some of these places are well known, and some are off the beaten path, but we think they’re all worth visiting! A bit of googling and online research can provide location info and visiting hours for all of these sightseeing spots. Enjoy!

Tokyo From Above

The Tokyo Skytree has been an eye-catching monument towering over the city since it opened in 2012. At 634 meters, the Skytree is the world’s tallest tower and the second tallest structure after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Located right across the river from the busy Asakusa district, it’s easy to access and a popular tourist destination. Because of it’s popularity, many visitors write it off as simply a tourist trap that they …continue reading


New jeans

Source: j-hoppers

Hi, this is Yuto from Hana Hostel Hiroshima.

I got a new jeans!!

Mostly, jeans you always see at cloths shops are washed once before its go on shops counter. But one I got this time is non-washed. It is very hard and dark colored.

The reason why I got non-washed one is I can grow the jeans from the beginning. At first, I am going to put the jeans in warm water to take off the glue on it, wash in laundry and dry. After these process, finally, I will be able to wear the jeans. If I miss these process, I can’t make it good faded color.

I am going to wear it everyday and make my only one jeans :)) …continue reading


Tokyo Snow Days


I love Tokyo in the snow. It usually only happens a few times a year — only once so far this year — and when it does it never lasts.

When it does snow, the “ocean effect” light dry powder blows in from the Sea of Japan, it transforms this Blade-Runneresque megacity into a magical, fantastical winter wonderland.


Tokyo Snow Days

…continue reading