Feb 09
Japanese government data show that the average monthly salary in 2015 grew from a year earlier, but real wages adjusted for inflation actually fell for a 4th straight year. (NHK)
Feb 09
Just after the Bank of Japan reduced overnight rates one step further, going below zero (joining the ECB), would anybody expect the yen to rise in the coming period? (
Feb 08
Japan's current account surplus grew more than six-fold in 2015 from the previous year to 16.64 trillion yen ($142 billion), boosted by a plunge in crude oil imports and a travel surplus amid the yen's depreciation, government data showed Monday. (Kyodo)
Feb 06
Japan and Iran signed a bilateral investment pact Friday in a move aimed at helping Japanese firms do business in the resource-rich country amid intensifying foreign competition for its market access. (Kyodo)
Feb 05
A push by the world's largest pension fund for permission to bypass asset managers when doing business in Japan's stock market has reportedly hit a wall. (
Feb 04
Trade ministers from 12 Pacific Rim countries including the United States gathered Thursday in New Zealand for the ceremonial signing of a free-trade deal they say will significantly boost trade. (Asahi)
Feb 03
Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda on Wednesday called a negative interest rate a "powerful weapon" for monetary easing, saying the bank will cut it again if needed to conquer deflation. (Japan Times)
Feb 03
The Bank of Japan (BOJ) took the financial world by surprise last Friday when, in a 5-4 decision, they announced they would begin imposing a negative 0.1 percent interest rate on any new excess reserves beginning on February 16. (
Feb 02
Japan's monetary base renewed its record high for a second straight month in January. (NHK)
Feb 02
Central banks across the world may be running low on ammunition, but the Bank of Japan has shown that they may still have a few bullets left in their belts. (Nikkei)