Feb 23
Japanese women's wages hit an all-time high last year, but they continued to earn far less than men. (Nikkei)
Feb 22
The Japanese government compiled a plan Tuesday to ease visa restrictions for foreign workers in designated special economic zones to address the growing need for services amid a rise in the number of visitors to the country. (Kyodo)
Feb 21
The price of new condominiums in Japan hit the second highest level on record last year, fuelled by rising costs in personnel and materials. (NHK)
Feb 20
The introduction of negative interest rates a year ago by the Bank of Japan is prompting listed companies here to funnel the money they save on borrowing costs toward takeovers and capital investment. (Nikkei)
Feb 20
Japan posted its first trade balance deficit in 5 months in January. Higher oil prices pushed up the costs of imports. (NHK)

Feb 18
Internal Affairs Ministry officials say household spending in Japan in 2016 dropped 1.7 % in yen terms from the previous year. It marks the third-consecutive annual decline. (NHK)
Feb 15
Japan's economy is cruising along, at least by its own recent standards, with real growth clocking in at 1 percent in 2016. It may have reached top speed. (Bloomberg)
Feb 12
Thirty years ago this Thursday, a large number of Japanese individuals began investing in stocks when Nippon Telegraph and Telephone was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. How those investments have fared differs depending on when the shares were bought. (Nikkei)
Feb 09
Japan posted its second-biggest current account surplus on record in 2016, government data showed Wednesday, sparking fears that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe might be urged by U.S. President Donald Trump to take steps to reduce the U.S. trade deficit with Japan. (Kyodo)
Feb 08
The U.S. goods trade deficit with Japan totaled $68.94 billion in 2016, outranking Germany for the second-largest figure among countries with which the United States generated a trade deficit, government data showed Tuesday. (Kyodo)