Jan 24
U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday withdrew his country from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an expansive free trade agreement also involving Japan and 10 other nations aimed at countering China's increasing economic clout. (Kyodo)
Jan 21
The administration of new US President Donald Trump has announced through the White House website its intention to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement. (NHK)
Jan 19
Stocks gained further ground on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Thursday thanks to the yen's easing, lifting the benchmark Nikkei average to its first finish above 19,000 in three days. (Japan Times)
Jan 19
Japan has maintained its hold for a second month on the No. 1 spot atop China among foreign owners of U.S. Treasury securities. (Japan Today)
Jan 14
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan and Australia should advance free trade and boost collaboration on regenerative medicine, artificial intelligence and other fields. (NHK)

Jan 11
Global economic growth is expected to accelerate 2.7 percent this year, up from an estimated 2.3 percent last year, but uncertainty over the policies of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump cloud the outlook, the World Bank said Tuesday. (Kyodo)
Jan 06
The Japan Gerontological Society proposed on Thursday to change the definition of elderly people, which is currently 65 or older, to 75 or older, as people are staying healthy longer these days. (Jiji)
Dec 29
Japan's industrial production data, released on Wednesday, may have offered a light at the end of the tunnel for the long stagnant economy. (
Dec 27
The Bank of Japan, which has given up on achieving its 2 percent inflation goal by printing more money, is expected to fret over the fate of the "Trump rally" in 2017. (Japan Times)
Dec 25
As Japan takes on the elusive challenge of fiscal reconstruction, slowing tax revenue growth is casting a shadow over the future of an aging Japan. (Japan Today)