May 04
The finance ministers and central bank heads of Japan, China and South Korea on Tuesday agreed to enhance monitoring of capital outflows from emerging economies that suffer from economic deceleration. (Jiji Press)
May 03
Japan's foreign minister announced a $7 billion initiative Monday to promote development in Southeast Asia's Mekong region, which encompasses parts of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand through which the river flows. (Japan Today)
May 03
The Bank of Japan has developed a new index that tracks private consumption monthly, saying a gauge that eschews household surveys will be more accurate. (Nikkei)
May 02
Japan's Finance Minister Taro Aso expressed strong concerns on Saturday over the recent surge in the Japanese yen against the dollar. He warned against one-sided, speculative movements in the foreign exchange market. (NHK)
Apr 30
Japan and China were among five economies put on a new U.S. government list used to monitor what it calls possible "unfair" practices in foreign exchange policy, according to a Treasury Department report released Friday. (Kyodo)
Apr 29
Though Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda played up the positive at Thursday's news conference, economic indicators point to a foundering economy that calls his strategy and his unshakable confidence into question. (Nikkei)
Apr 28
The Bank of Japan says it will maintain its monetary easing program, including the negative interest rate policy. (NHK)
Apr 26
Wages for part-time workers in Japan have been rising as a result of labor shortages in a range of positions in offices, restaurants, and factories - a bright spot in an economy that needs price gains. (Japan Times)
Apr 26
As the government tells it, Japanese have it pretty good.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is adamant that, whatever critics may say, economic disparity is not growing. (Japan Times)

Apr 26
The Bank of Japan has reported that companies charged more for goods and services last month. The Services Producer Price Index in March was up 0.2 percent from a year earlier, marking the 33rd straight month of increase. (NHK)