Oct 21
Japanese policymakers are proposing an overhaul of the country's inheritance tax, targeting those who shift their wealth abroad to take advantage of a foreign residency loophole. (Nikkei)
Oct 19
Japanese government and business officials have come up with a plan called "Premium Fridays" to boost consumer spending. (NHK)
Oct 18
The U.S. appears to view Japan as a bigger currency manipulator than China despite the yen's strength and the yuan's weakness against the dollar over the past year, suggesting that Tokyo's hands will remain tied in currency markets for now. (Nikkei)
Oct 17
The Japanese government's vision for a sharing economy apparently has little room for one important trend -- the growing global popularity of ride-hailing services. (Nikkei)
Oct 17
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed Monday that the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact is essential for Japan's growth and regional stability. (Jiji Press)

Oct 17
The governor of the Bank of Japan has again expressed his readiness to take additional credit-easing measures, depending on economic conditions. (NHK)
Oct 12
Japan's parliament approved a 4.11 trillion yen ($40 billion) supplementary budget on Tuesday to stimulate an economy dampened by sluggish growth amid weak consumer demand and business investment. (Kyodo)
Oct 11
The Nikkei average closed above 17,000 for the first time in more than a month on Tuesday, thanks to a surge in crude oil and a weakening yen. (Japan Times)
Oct 09
A drastic change in the nation's tax system to encourage greater workforce participation by women could have been an effective prescription to addressing a labor shortage in the rapidly aging country. (Japan Times)
Oct 09
Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda has said the central bank "will not hesitate" on monetary easing if necessary, but noted that the Japanese economy's moderate recovery means such action is not currently warranted. (Japan Times)