Jan 13
Japanese investors became less enthusiastic about buying foreign bonds last year on growing concern about rising U.S. Treasury yields. (Nikkei)
Jan 11
The number of households in the nation receiving welfare increased by 634 in October last year from the previous month to hit a record high of 1,642,907, up for the sixth straight month, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said Wednesday. (
Jan 10
Japan's price-adjusted real wage index in November last year rose 0.1 pct from a year before, the first increase in 11 months, a labor ministry preliminary report said Tuesday. (Jiji)
Jan 09
If you go out for drinks with your colleagues in Japan, chances are that you end up doing warikan at the end of the night. And the warikan, or the splitting of the bill evenly, is most likely done in cash despite almost everyone having plastic and electronic money in their wallets. Thanks to this die-hard affection for cash, Japan loses over 2 trillion yen ($17.6 billion) every year. (Nikkei)
Jan 09
Consumer groups and farmers in Japan fear the repercussions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which is quickly moving forward on the heels of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s conference of the other 10 nations (including Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam) now involved in talks. (Japan Times)

Jan 05
The price of food and drink in Japan is set to rise this year. The growing cost of raw materials and distribution, on the back of the country's labor crunch, are to blame. (NHK)
Jan 05
Many economists predict the Japanese economy will continue to expand in 2018. (NHK)
Dec 27
Japan's unemployment rate fell to 2.7 percent in November -- the lowest in 24 years. (NHK)
Dec 26
The Japanese economy has been recovering moderately since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's second administration was launched in December 2012, with a gleam of hope now seen for pulling out of deflation. (Jiji)
Dec 26
A government survey shows that the percentage of Japanese workers belonging to labor unions has fallen to a record low of 17.1 percent, for the 6th straight year-on-year decline. (NHK)