Sep 01
The life and times of Japan’s first golfer: AMSTERDAM, 1606

Sep 01
More teenagers are becoming addicted to the internet with an estimated 930,000 junior high and high school students nationwide overusing online services, a health ministry team said Friday. (Japan Times)

Aug 31
A high court upheld Thursday a lower court ruling that found constitutional a legal provision that allows only men to file lawsuits denying legal fatherhood, dismissing a damages suit filed by a family against the state. (Japan Today)

Aug 31
Japan’s Ministry of Justice on Thursday requested its largest-ever budget for fiscal 2019, including 58.8 billion yen (8 million) to create a new agency dedicated to immigration services and to add more than 500 staffers to handle the expanded role. (Nikkei)

Aug 23
Every midsummer, much of Japan is treated to the sights and piercing sounds of cicadas. (

Aug 20
Japan’s education ministry is planning to place English-speaking artificial intelligence robots in schools to help children improve their English oral communication skills.

Aug 18
Education in Japan is specific and works on the principle of “quality study is a guarantee of a successful career.” Every Japanese usually deserves only one attempt to take a worthy place in society. However, this system has its dark side as well. (

Aug 10
The government plans to upgrade the Justice Ministry’s Immigration Bureau to an affiliated agency in April next year in preparation for accepting more foreign workers, sources said Wednesday.
(Japan Times)

Aug 08
Tokyo Medical University has admitted to tampering with entrance exam scores to raise the bar for women and for men who failed such exams several times.

Aug 03
Japan’s driver’s licenses will start to indicate their expiration date using the Western calendar instead of the Japanese calendar, a draft of revised traffic law regulations showed Thursday. (Japan Times)