New Tokyo-Ueno rail link may confuse passengers
Yomiuri -- Dec 13

The opening of an additional railway link between JR Ueno and JR Tokyo stations in spring 2015 will drastically change services of the Tokaido, Tohoku and other lines and may cause confusion among passengers.

Currently, Tokyo and Ueno stations are the terminal points for certain lines, but the new link will make the lines more interconnected, allowing some through passengers to reach their destinations without having to change trains as they must do now.

While this will be more convenient for such passengers, the names of the new final destinations displayed on signs on trains will be unfamiliar to many passengers.

On Monday, East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) announced that the new section of track between Tokyo and Ueno stations will be called the "Ueno-Tokyo Line." It will connect Tokyo Station, the terminal station for the Tokaido Line, with Ueno Station, the terminal station of the Tohoku Line (Utsunomiya Line), the Takasaki Line and the Joban Line.

The new link will make it unnecessary for passengers to change to the Yamanote or other train lines when traveling between Tokyo and Ueno stations.

Rail traffic experts expect that the Yamanote Line's congestion rate, which reaches nearly 200 percent during rush hours, will be drastically lowered.

上野駅と東京駅がノンストップで結ばれます。 JR東日本は、2015年春に上野駅と東京駅をノンストップで結ぶ「上野東京ライン」­を開業すると発表しました。現在、上野駅どまりになっている宇都宮線、高崎線、常磐線­の列車は東京駅まで乗り入れし、東海道線との直通運転も行うということです。
News sources: Yomiuri, ANNnewsCH

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