Ministry urges 253 universities to improve
NHK -- Feb 23
Japan's education ministry has called on 253 universities and colleges to improve their academic standards.

The ministry released the results of its fiscal 2014 survey of 502 tertiary institutions on Sunday. It found the enrolment and study programs for new departments at 253 of these universities and colleges did not match the plans they had submitted.

31 institutions are being urged to correct the problems, which include some legal violations.

The ministry recommended that Osaka-based Taisei Gakuin University change its credit system. Students can earn credits for some subjects by obtaining outside certification instead of attending classes.

Officials also advised a department in the graduate school of Tokyo-based Hosei University to improve its research and teaching. The department has 4 times the permitted number of students for fiscal 2014.

News source: NHK
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