New 'Diamond Route' aims to help Fukushima shine -- May 27
With the aim of revitalizing its tourism industry in the wake of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Fukushima Prefecture is teaming up with neighboring Ibaraki and Tochigi prefectures to establish a so-called "Diamond Route" to serve as an inbound tourism route linking major sightseeing spots.

The name Diamond Route takes inspiration from the famed Golden Route - a popular travel itinerary for foreign tourists that takes in Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka - in the hope that it will come to enjoy similar recognition.

The promotional team for the Diamond Route posted a video online in late February that had more than 11 million views as of late April.

A new express train shuttling travelers between Tokyo's Asakusa district and the Aizu area in Fukushima Prefecture began operations on April 21, increasing the prospect of enticing more overseas visitors.

The sleek, modern express train takes visitors from Asakusa to the Aizu area, where the samurai spirit lives on.

Dramatic footage from the "Diamond Route Japan" promotional video, created by the Fukushima prefectural government in collaboration with four local commercial TV stations, interweaves views of landscapes and attractions in Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures, such as Nikko and the Oarai Coast.

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