School employee attacked by knife-wielding man in Nagano
Japan Today -- Jul 04
A 38-year-old woman working at a private elementary and junior high school in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, was slashed by a man on Monday.

According to police, the incident occurred just after 1:30 p.m. on the grounds of Saikyo Gakuen School, Fuji TV reported. Police received a call reporting that an unidentified man had attacked a female school employee with a knife and then fled.

The victim, who works in the administration department, had taken some garbage outside the school building when the man suddenly attacked her. Police said she sustained minor injuries to her left arm.

The woman told police she did not know the man who was dressed in black and wore a white face mask.

長野県松本市の小中一貫校で、女性職員が男に腕を切り付けられました。男は現在も逃走中です。現場から報告です。 (小林裕司記者報告) 周辺には警察が立ち、ものものしい雰囲気に包まれています。
News sources: Japan Today, ANNnewsCH
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