Parts of woman's body dumped by police officer by mistake
Japan Today -- Aug 04
A police officer dumped a plastic bag containing parts of the body of a woman in her 80s at a garbage collection point at a Tokyo police station in July by mistake and some of them remain unrecovered, the police said Friday.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the officer in his 20s attached to Mejiro Police Station was aware that the bag contained human remains but discarded them because he thought they were unimportant due to their small size.

The bag was retrieved later from a garbage collector but some of the remains were missing, the police said.

The woman in her 80s was killed on July 26 after being hit by a train in Tokyo's Toshima Ward and the police are investigating the case as either an accident or a suicide.

The police officer discarded the bag at the garbage collection point later in the day. When the police conducted an autopsy on the body on the following day, they realized some of her body parts were missing.

先月、東京・豊島区の踏切内で女性が電車にはねられて死亡した事故で、警視庁の男性巡査が遺体の一部をごみ捨て場の前に放置していたことが分かりました。 先月26日、豊島区南長崎の西武池袋線の踏切で、近くに住む80代の女性が電車にはねられて死亡しました。
News sources: Japan Today, ANNnewsCH
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