Crowds of travelers as Japan's summer holiday ends
NHK -- Aug 20
People are crowding into airports and train stations in Japan as they return from "bon" summer holiday travels.

Airline companies say domestic flights bound for Tokyo and Osaka are almost fully booked throughout Sunday.

Families hauling luggage and souvenirs filled the arrival area at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. One man travelling with his family said they had a good time in their hometown in Miyazaki Prefecture in southwestern Japan. But he added that he was not looking forward to returning to work on Monday.

Narita Airport outside Tokyo was also filled with people, many returning from overseas trips.

Airport officials estimate that the number of travelers using Narita during the summer holidays will increase from last year to reach more than 1,070,000 people. They attribute the growth to an increasing number of low-cost carrier flights connecting South Korea, Hong Kong and other destinations in Asia.

お盆休みを海外で過ごした人たちの帰国がピークを迎え、成田空港では20日の一日で5万人以上が入国する見込みです。 成田空港は20日が帰国のピークです。20日の一日だけで5万1300人が入国する見込みです。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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