More lottery revenues to be used to cover Tokyo Olympic costs
Jiji -- Sep 07
The Tokyo metropolitan government on Wednesday announced an agreement to use more lottery sales revenues to cover 34-billion-yen costs for 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic events that will be held outside the capital.

The agreement, reached among the metropolitan government, eight prefectural governments and four ordinance-designated big cities, effectively puts an end to the issue of how to share the costs for the 2020 Games.

In line with the deal, the 13 local governments, all of which host 2020 Games events, jointly made a request for an additional allocation of 22.4 billion yen from lottery revenues to cover the costs, on top of the 11.6 billion yen that had already been earmarked.

The extra allocation is expected to be approved in October at a meeting of the national management body for municipal lotteries.

According to the metropolitan government, 30 billion of the 34 billion yen will be used for the events outside Tokyo and the remaining 4 billion yen for the torch relays.

2020年東京オリンピック・パラリンピックの地方開催分の大会経費など340億円について、宝くじの売り上げを充てることで関係する自治体が合意しました。 2020年東京大会では東京都以外の8道県でも協議が行われます。
News sources: Jiji, ANNnewsCH
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