Kake vet school opening officially approved
NHK -- Nov 14
Japan's Education Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi has officially approved a controversial plan to open a veterinary school in April of next year.

Kake Educational Institution, run by a close friend of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, aims to open the school in Ehime prefecture, western Japan.

The ministry's decision comes after an advisory council submitted a recommendation in favor of the move to Hayashi on Friday. The council said the school has made improvements in training schedules and other areas.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Hayashi said it was determined that the school's application is in line with laws governing the establishment of universities, and the ministry respects the council's recommendation.

He said that apart from the council's screening, the ministry has confirmed that the final application is consistent with the school's plan, which has been approved under the government's special zone project.

Hayashi added that he hopes the school will carry out its approved plan and provide an appropriate educational climate after its opening.

He said he thinks the disclosure of all the views and application documents presented to the council has made the screening transparent.

A controversy over the planned opening of the veterinary school started earlier this year, when documents emerged alleging the involvement of the prime minister's office in the procedure to select Kake Educational Institute. But Abe has categorically denied such alleged favoritism.

Deputy President of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Akira Nagatsuma, told reporters that the opposition camp has demanded that the approval be put on hold, as various suspicions have not been cleared up.

He said despite that, the minister gave the go-ahead, and his party strongly protests the move. He said permission must be withdrawn and a proper explanation given.

「総理のご意向」と書かれた文書など様々な疑惑を呼んだ加計学園の獣医学部新設について、14日午前に林文部科学大臣が「認可」を発表しました。これで来年4月の開学が固まりました。 獣医学部の建設が進む愛媛県今治市の菅良二市長は「大臣の認可をありがたく受け止めております。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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