'Insuta-bae,' 'Sontaku' named top 2017 buzzwords in Japan
Jiji -- Dec 02
"Insuta-bae," or instagenic, and "sontaku," or acting for someone by guessing his or her intent, were selected in this year's top buzzwords in Japan on Friday.

The popularity of the term for photogenic content suitable for Instagram erupted after "Can Cam it girl" models of a fashion magazine shared photos of night pool parties and other pictures, the organizer of the U-Can new words and buzzwords awards said.

"We are glad to have made our mark in history by inspiring a movement," said Asami Nakamura, one of the models.

Sontaku was frequently used in parliamentary deliberations over crony scandals, including the unusual discount sale of state-owned land to nationalist school operator Moritomo Gakuen, which had a link with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's wife, Akie, and the approval for Kake Educational Institution, run by a close friend of Abe, to open the first veterinary medicine faculty in more than 50 years in Japan.

Minoru Inamoto, president of Heso Production, an Osaka-based company that sells "Sontaku Manju" steamed bean-jam buns, said, "We hope that our buns will make people smile."

今年話題になった言葉に贈られる「現代用語の基礎知識選 2017ユーキャン新語・流行語大賞」が1日発表され、「インスタ映え」と「忖度」が年間大賞に選ばれた。
News sources: Jiji, Kyodo
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