S.Korea unveils new 'comfort women' policy
NHK -- Jan 10
South Korea's Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha says the country's government will not renegotiate its 2015 agreement with Japan on those referred to as comfort women.

Last month, a South Korean government task force concluded that the deal to finally and irreversibly resolve the issue does not sufficiently take into account the views of surviving victims.

President Moon Jae-in described the deal as flawed and incapable of resolving the matter.

Kang said on Tuesday that it is undeniable that the 2 countries' governments formally reached the agreement, and that it will not be renegotiated.

Kang said she will ask Japan to continue to help the victims regain their honor and dignity, and to heal their hearts. She added that what the victims want is a voluntary, sincere apology.

Japan's government provided one billion yen, or about 9 million US dollars, to a fund set up by the South Korean government to support the women.

Kang said the government will create its own budget, and that details will be worked out with Japan.

News source: NHK
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