Abe, Li discuss N.Korea, bilateral ties
NHK -- May 10
The leaders of Japan, China, and South Korea held a series of meetings in Tokyo on Wednesday. North Korea's nuclear program has dominated much of the day's discussion.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he had an in-depth conversation with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on the issue.

Abe said, "North Korea has plenty of resources and a diligent labor force. If Pyongyang takes the right path, it's possible to achieve economic development. We agreed to work together to fully carry out UN Security Council resolutions against the North. "

Li said, "We welcome the successful meeting between the leaders of South and North Korea. We also look forward to the meeting between the US and North Korea and will be pleased to see a meeting between North Korea and Japan and hope it would resolve issues of interest to Japan. We are willing to continue to play a constructive role in the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula."

Both leaders also spoke at length about bilateral issues.

They agreed to set up a new economic forum to promote cooperation between private corporations to build infrastructure in other countries.

In recent months, Abe has said Japan is ready to cooperate on China's "Belt and Road" initiative.

It aims to create an enormous economic zone linking Asia, Africa and Europe.

Abe and Li also agreed to start an emergency communications system to prevent unintended clashes at sea or in the air.

安倍総理大臣は、中国の李克強首相と会談し、北朝鮮の非核化には国連安保理の制裁決議の履行が重要だという認識で一致しました。 安倍総理大臣:「累次の安保理決議をしっかりと履行し、日中が協調して行動していくことで李総理と一致しました。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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