Man believed to be foreigner eluded custody after graffiti accusation in Golden Gai -- May 15
Tokyo Metropolitan Police have revealed that a man, believed to be a foreigner, eluded custody after being accused of spraying graffiti in Shinjuku Ward last week, reports NHK

At around 4:00 a.m. on May 8, the man was apprehended after being spotted spraying graffiti on a shutter in the Golden Gai area of bars and eateries.

However, after being delivered to a nearby police box, which is under the jurisdiction of the Yotsuya Police Station, the man fled when the attention of an officer was diverted.

At the time of the incident, there were three officers at the police box. One of them chased the alleged perpetrator. However, the officer eventually lost sight of him.

According to police, a number of establishments in Golden Gai have been damaged by graffiti in recent years. As result, shopkeepers have been tasked with removing the writing.

In addition to searching for the perpetrator, law enforcement will endeavor to prevent another instance of a suspect eluding custody, police said.

東京・歌舞伎町の飲食店に落書きをしたとみられる男を警視庁が任意同行した際、交番から男に逃げられていたことが分かりました。 8日、新宿区歌舞伎町のゴールデン街で飲食店のシャッターに男が落書きをしているのを通行人の男性が発見して取り押さえ、警察官に引き渡しました。
News sources:, ANNnewsCH
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