Aoi festival in Kyoto
NHK -- May 16
One of the 3 main annual festivals in Kyoto, the Aoi Matsuri, was held on Tuesday.

The festival features a procession of people in costumes originally worn in a court in the ancient Heian era.

It is said that the festival dates back about 1,400 years to a time when the Emperor Kinmei got horses to gallop through the ancient capital to pray for a bountiful harvest.

23 year-old Shiho Sakashita played the main part of the Imperial Princess, dressed in a ceremonial 12-layered kimono.

She said she felt the weight of tradition, but would do her best for her role.

About 500 people wearing costumes decorated with hollyhock leaves left the Old Imperial Palace for the Kamigamo-jinja Shrine.

京都三大祭の一つ「葵祭」が行われ、平安装束を身にまとった優雅な行列を見ようと多くの観客が集まりました。 強い日差しが照り付けるなか、平安王朝の装束に身を包んだ約500人の行列が京都御所を出発しました。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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