Female pro wrestler Ayako Hamada accused of using stimulant drugs
tokyoreporter.com -- May 17
Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a female professional wrestler over the alleged used of stimulant drugs, reports TBS News

On May 13, police arrived at the apartment of Ayako Hamada, 37, in Adachi Ward and found her rambling incoherently and behaving in a strange manner. A subsequent analysis of her urine gave a positive result for kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs.

Hamada admits to the allegations. “I inhaled [the drugs] through my nose,” the suspect was quoted by police.

On the day of the incident, Hamada was scheduled to wrestle in Osaka. After she did not arrive for the match, she sent a mail to a representative of her promotional association, Pro Wrestling Wave. “Four men are holding me at knifepoint,” she wrote. The representative then alerted police.

Since making her wresting debut at the age of 17 in 1998, Hamada has won numerous championships with various associations, including All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling.

女子プロレスラーが自宅で覚醒剤を使用したとして逮捕されていたことが分かりました。 プロレス団体「WAVE」所属のレスラー・浜田文子容疑者(37)は先月下旬から今月中旬にかけて、東京・足立区の自宅で覚醒剤を使用した疑いが持たれています。
News sources: tokyoreporter.com, ANNnewsCH
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