Conference of eel experts planned
NHK -- Jun 09
Delegates from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have agreed to set up a conference that would look into tighter restrictions on eel catches.

They wrapped up a 2-day meeting on eel resources management in Tokyo on Friday.

Japan's Fisheries Agency has reported that the total amount of baby eels or glass eels delivered to fish farms for cultivation in Japan in the 6 months to April was the 2nd lowest for that time of the year. It added the trading price of the fish has also soared.

Some officials at the meeting called for tighter regulations.

But the delegates ultimately decided to hold off until they have a clearer idea of the extent of the depletion in stocks.

They agreed to follow up with a meeting of researchers around September.

China, which is believed to be the biggest harvester of baby eels, was absent from the meeting for the 2nd straight year.

Japan and other countries plan to ask China to take part in the research conference.

絶滅が危惧されているニホンウナギの資源保護を巡る国際会議が都内で開かれ、今後、科学的な根拠に基づいて資源管理を議論していくことで一致しました。 会議には日本、韓国、台湾が参加し、規制強化を嫌う中国は4年連続で欠席しました。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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