Nissan reinjures reputation with new inspection scandal
Nikkei -- Jul 10
Nissan Motor is facing its second inspection scandal since the fall after it said Monday that emissions data had been tampered with for several years, delivering another blow to the automaker's brand even as it tries to shake off the first.

Across five Japanese plants, the company rigged fuel economy data for 913 cars and validated final inspections for 690 vehicles that did not conform to the prescribed testing environment. A total of 1,171 cars, the majority of which are sold domestically, were improperly tested.

Nissan, however, says there is no need for a recall since the cars meet government emissions and safety standards. The automaker also claims that catalog specifications for fuel economy are correct. Falsified data was removed and all data reverified, according to the company.

The concern, however, is that the misconduct continued until June despite increased scrutiny from another inspection scandal last September. Though CEO Hiroto Saikawa said at a press conference in October that the automaker would work to reform employees' approach and put preventative measures in place, the improprieties continued.

"We had focused our improvement efforts on the issue of unqualified workers making inspections," Yasuhiro Yamauchi, chief competitive officer, told a news briefing Monday. "We identified the problem because of similar incidents at another company," he said, explaining that a similar issue at fellow Japanese carmaker Subaru led to the discovery.

Although Nissan said it was not attempting to hide anything, it was revealed during last year's scandal that the improper inspections continued at another factory even after Saikawa's October press conference. Corporate leaders and plant supervisors have been denounced for their ignorance of these issues.

The automaker will also be unable to escape criticism that the problems are widespread within the company, given that the cheating occurred at all but one of its six domestic assembly plants. Japan's transport ministry ordered Nissan to open a new investigation and submit a report in a month. It also asked other automakers to check for similar misconduct.

ほとんどの工場でデータの改ざんが行われていました。 日産自動車・山内康裕CCO:「深くおわびを申し上げます。申し訳ございませんでした」 日産は国内の5つの工場で排出ガスや燃費の測定試験を行った際、データ書き換えなどの不正行為があったと発表しました。
News sources: Nikkei, ANNnewsCH
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