Abe visits disaster-hit Okayama Prefecture
Jiji -- Jul 12
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Okayama Prefecture Wednesday to see firsthand the damage, such as burst dikes and landslides, that recent torrential rain inflicted on the western Japan prefecture.

Speaking to reporters in the city of Okayama after the inspection, Abe said, "The government will work to quickly designate the torrential rain as a disaster of extreme severity." The designation would make affected areas eligible for greater financial aid for reconstruction.

He spoke with people affected by the disaster to have their opinions reflected in government support measures.

Abe observed the disaster-hit Mabi district of Kurashiki and damaged parts of the city of Takahashi from a Self-Defense Forces helicopter. He was accompanied by Okayama Governor Ryuta Ibaragi and officials from the land ministry. The officials provided the prime minister with an overview of the damage.

About a quarter of Mabi was flooded and there were numerous reports of casualties. Takahashi was badly affected by landslides.

安倍総理大臣は西日本豪雨で大きな被害を受けた岡山県を視察し、被災地を激甚災害に指定して復旧を急ぐ考えを強調しました。 安倍総理大臣:「暑い日が続きますから、クーラーなど避難生活の環境改善、仮設住宅の確保など、きめ細やかな生活支援、生活再建に取り組んで参ります。
News sources: Jiji, ANNnewsCH
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