Tokyo Medical Univiversity lowers female applicants' entrance exam scores
Jiji -- Aug 03
Tokyo Medical University lowered scores of all female applicants in its general entrance examination for its School of Medicine held in February this year, informed sources said Thursday.

The university is expected to announce the result of its investigation into the case as early as next week, together with findings from its internal probe into a bribery case that has led to the indictment of its former top two executives, the sources said.

The university is believed to have started the practice of cutting the entrance exam scores of all female applicants by around 2011, according to the sources. One source said that the university wants more male students than female students as many women leave their jobs due to marriage or childbirth.

The fiscal 2018 general entrance exam had 1,596 male applicants and 1,018 female applicants. Of them, 141 men passed the second-stage test and were admitted to the school, while the number of successful female applicants stood at only 30.

"An entrance examination that is held in a way to discriminate against women should never be tolerated," education minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said at a press conference on Thursday.

女子の点数を減らすなど、東京医科大学の入試で意図的な調整が行われていました。 大学の元幹部らによりますと、東京医大が今年2月に行った一般入試で、女子受験者の1次試験の得点を一律に減らすなどの調整が行われていました。
News sources: Jiji, ANNnewsCH
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