Vegetable prices soaring in Japan amid scorching heat
Jiji -- Aug 04
Vegetable prices are soaring in Japan due to effects of record-breaking scorching heat.

As of Wednesday, wholesale prices of "hakusai" Chinese cabbage and cabbage were twice as high as the normal-year levels at the Tokyo metropolitan central wholesale market, reflecting falls in shipments due to the poor growth blamed on the hot temperatures and little rain.

Prices of leafy vegetables in particular are expected to remain high this month, putting burdens on households.

At an outlet of supermarket operator Akidai in Tokyo's Nerima Ward, hakusai was priced at 238 yen apiece, up threefold from the normal-year level, cabbage at 198 yen apiece, up twofold, and spinach at 180 yen per 200 grams, up 50 pct.

"Hakusai prices are unlikely to drop since demand is expected to increase toward autumn," Akidai President Hiromichi Akiba said.

この猛烈な暑さが8月も家計を直撃しそうだ。農林水産省が3日、今月の野菜の価格の見通しを発表した。キャベツやナス、トマトなど多くの野菜で高値が続く見込みだ。 都会のど真ん中に現れた産直のフルーツに野菜。昼休みのOLも駆け付ける。ただ、都内の青果店ではまだまだ高い野菜。
News sources: Jiji, ANNnewsCH
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Vegetable prices are soaring in Japan due to effects of record-breaking scorching heat. (Jiji)
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