Romantic things for couples to do in Japan -- Sep 05
There is something very romantic about the Far East, especially Japan.

To travelers from the west, it represents a culture which mimics so many aspects they may be familiar with in terms of fashion, technology, and architecture. But it also retains a lot of mystique, with ancient customs such as the tea ceremony, temples set against tranquil surroundings, beautiful art and traditional cuisine. There are so many interesting and charming locations for any visiting couple. So if you met on a singles site and are keen to explore Japanese dating by immersing yourself in different culture, here are some of the more romantic things to do in Japan.

Disneyland in Tokyo

Sprawling for over 115 acres, Tokyo Disneyland is a captivating theme park situated near Japan's capital city. The first Disney outlet to be opened outside the USA, it is designed along the same styles as its counterparts in Florida and California. There are seven themed areas, each offering a multitude of rides which accommodate the tastes of visitors young and old.

Tokyo Tower

Rising over 300 m above ground level, Tokyo Tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, it's lattice structure painted in eye-catching white and orange. When you visit this stunning location, you will be following in the footsteps of more than 150 million visitors who have already been drawn to the tower's museums, shops and eating outlets. The observation decks offer stunning views of the surrounding area.

Visit Mount Fuji

The highest mountain in Japan, rising to 3,700 meters, the snow-capped peaks of Mount Fuji are one of Japan's most iconic images. This scene of outstanding beauty has featured prominently in numerous films over the years and has inspired artists and poets the world over for centuries. As a romantic location, it is second to none in this part of the world. There are numerous trails to be explored with your loved one, and if you are feeling truly adventurous you can even go paragliding here.

Sunbathe or snorkel in Okinawa

Okinawa is another romantic destination which is crying out to be visited. This coastal location is popular for all sorts of watersports, from kayaking to swimming, but because the water is here is so clear it is most widely known as a paradise for snorkeling. You and your partner can hire the appropriate kit and then immerse yourself in a truly wondrous underwater dimension. The tropical fish which glide around the reefs in vast shoals come in every color under the sun, and you can also wonder at the majestic sea turtles.

Enjoy a spa on Enoshima

If you want to escape hustle and bustle of Tokyo, a recommended romantic location is Enoshima Island. Here you can truly get back and relax, enjoying a variety of spa treatments. With the white peak of Mount Fuji dominating the horizon, you and your partner can enjoy aromatherapy treatment, shiatsu-type massages, all the time benefiting from the island's mineral-rich natural hot springs, pumped to this location from 1000 meters below the surface of the sea. With firework events and a choice of dining experiences, this is the perfect location for any romantic couple visiting Japan.

Go-karting in Chiba City

While Japan is bursting at the seams with what could be termed traditionally romantic locations such as Mount Fuji, there is nothing wrong with reawakening your inner child! At Chiba City, you can hire a go-kart and then spend the next while careering around an indoor circuit at breakneck speeds. The white-knuckle ride is perfect for those moments when you just feel like some out and out escapism.

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