Airbnb to review private lodging contract terms
NHK -- Oct 11
Accommodation service provider Airbnb says it will review its contract terms with private lodging operators in Japan.

The company has asked providers not to post information on other platforms as a condition for using its website.

The move comes after officials at Japan's Fair Trade Commission raided the local unit of the US vacation rental platform last October on suspicion of violating the anti-monopoly law.

They suspected it undermined other firms' business opportunities by setting unfair conditions.

Meanwhile, officials with the Japan Tourism Agency say they have found over 4,900 private accommodations suspected of being in violation of a law that came into effect in June.

The private lodging business law requires people who want to offer their properties for short-term rentals to register with local governments.

The officials say that around 20 percent of private rentals listed on 3rd-party websites were found to be unregistered or committing other violations.

The officials have ordered website operators to delete such listings.

民泊大手「エアビーアンドビー」に対する独占禁止法を巡る調査が終わりました。 エアビーアンドビーは去年6月以降、取引先の一部にあたる民泊代行業者に対し、エアビー以外の民泊仲介サイトへの掲載を制限する契約をしていました。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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Oct 11
Accommodation service provider Airbnb says it will review its contract terms with private lodging operators in Japan. (NHK)
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