More med schools suspected of rigging entrance exam results
Jiji -- Oct 13
A education ministry survey has found that more universities with medical departments in Japan are suspected of rigging entrance examination results, education minister Masahiko Shibayama said Friday.

They seem to have applied different standards to men, women and applicants who failed in the past or given preferential treatment to specific applicants, when deciding successful applicants, Shibayama told a press conference.

"This situation is a problem. Universities told us that they were not involved in inappropriate manipulation," Shibayama said.

The minister did not provide the names of the universities.

But he said they should voluntarily announce what they did and why they did it.

文部科学省は東京医科大学以外にも複数の大学で女子や浪人の受験生を不利に扱うなど、不適切な入試が行われていた疑いがあることを明らかにしました。 柴山文科大臣:「複数の大学の入試で男女、年齢等により、取り扱いに差を設けている事案が判明しました。
News sources: Jiji, ANNnewsCH
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