One week since opening of Toyosu food market
NHK -- Oct 19
Thursday marks a week since Tokyo's new wholesale food market opened at Toyosu. The new market was initially beset by traffic jams, but wholesalers and buyers are gradually learning how to get around.

The Tokyo metropolitan government has arranged for personnel to guide traffic. It also plans to open a road section between Toyosu and Tsukiji on a temporary basis early next month to help ease congestion.

Inside the new market, buyers have been complaining they have trouble determining the quality of tuna because the lighting is different from the old market at Tsukiji.

The Toyosu market claims to be much cleaner than Tsukiji because fresh foods are traded in closed spaces.

But some traders are leaving their garbage where they're not allowed to.

The new market has been drawing tourists, many from abroad.

先週の開場の際には、深夜から早朝にかけて行き交う大型トラックや関係者などで大混雑していた。あれからちょうど1週間。豊洲の様子は今、どうなっているのだろうか。 仕入れ予定の魚が市場に入荷していないことも初日はあったというが、その後は大きな混乱はないという。開場から1週間。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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