49-year-old man, socially withdrawn for 40 years, arrested for abandoning mother’s corpse
Japan Today -- Nov 08
A 49-year-old unemployed man has been arrested on charges of corpse abandonment after his mother’s body was found at their home in Yokohama. The suspect, who is reportedly unable to talk with strangers, has been a hikikomori (social recluse) for approximately 40 years and is communicating in writing during the police investigation.

According to police, Masaru Nakamoto is accused of abandoning the body of his 76-year-old mother, who died of an illness, at their home in Kanazawa Ward in mid-October, Fuji TV reported. He told police he found his mother's body in the kitchen and moved it to her bedroom.

The incident came to light after Nakamoto’s sister visited their home and discovered their mother’s body. Police said Nakamoto told them: “I assumed my younger sister would come at some point and resolve the situation.”

News source: Japan Today
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