Virgin majority for surveyed Japanese college students, and 30 percent have never gone on a date -- Nov 24
While the human interaction that's the primary focus of the Japanese Association for Sex Education is right there in the organization's name, its researchers realize that intercourse usually isn't something that occurs without some sort of buildup of attraction and affection.

Because of that, JASE'S periodic Youth Sexual Activities Survey asks participants more than just whether or not they've done the deed.

Carried out approximately once every six years, the study asks middle school, high school, and university students from across Japan whether they've ever gone on a date, kissed someone, or had sex. The organization has just released the results of its most recent survey, compiled from data collected in 2017, in which fewer college students have gone on a date than ever before.

A total of 13,000 responses were collected, and when sorted by age, the researchers found that roughly 30 percent of college students have never gone on a date, with just 71.8 percent of college men and 69.3 percent of college women saying they've been on a romantic outing. These were the lowest numbers ever recorded in the survey, which was first done in 1974. The new lows are down more than 10 percent from the peak for each sex, which were 81.9 percent for men in 1999 and 82.4 percent for women in 2005.

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