Number of babies born in Japan in 2018 lowest since records began; population decline the highest
Japan Times -- Dec 22
The estimated amount of babies born in Japan this year has dropped to the lowest number since comparable data became available in 1899, government figures showed Friday.

The figure for the year is estimated at 921,000, down 25,000 from a year earlier, staying below the 1 million mark for the third straight year, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Deaths during the year totaled an estimated 1.37 million, a postwar record high, with a natural population decline of 448,000, the largest ever.

The data showed the pace of population decline is picking up amid the falling birthrate, suggesting it is increasingly difficult for the government to attain its goal of raising the total fertility rate to 1.8 by the end of fiscal 2025.

今年、生まれた赤ちゃんは92万人で過去最少となりました。 厚生労働省の推計によりますと、今年、生まれた赤ちゃんは92万1000人で去年から約2万5000人減少しました。1899年に統計を取り始めて以来、過去最少となっています。
News sources: Japan Times, ANNnewsCH
Jun 19
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