Record number of people injured by deer in Nara this year -- Feb 07
Nara Park in Nara Prefecture is famous for its 1,000-plus-strong shika (native deer) population. These deer, considered to be messengers of the gods, are a national treasure and a protected species within the city’s limits, due to their sacred connection to Nara’s Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

Because of their protected status, the deer are allowed to roam freely through Nara Park, and sometimes out on the city streets, where tourists delight in feeding them with senbei rice crackers, which are sold at stalls in the area. However, despite their sweet appearance, the deer are still wild animals, and year after year, hundreds of people are injured by them.

According to prefectural officials, these injuries are rising steadily by the year, with 121 documented cases in 2016, and 186 in 2017. Now, with the fiscal year yet to end on 31 March, 209 injuries have already been recorded for the period of 1 April 2018 through to 31 January 2019.

Nara Prefecture says this is the highest level of reported injuries on record, and the number of serious injuries have increased as well, with eight people suffering fractures, including hip fractures, this fiscal year. Five of the eight affected were tourists visiting from abroad.

Previously, a total of ten people suffered fractures throughout the entire eight years since record-keeping began, making this year’s number particularly alarming. Nara Prefecture says this year’s serious injuries occurred during the mating season of September to November.

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