Japanese schoolgirls in stockings are the star of new Miru Tights web anime series from Japan
soranews24.com -- May 14
If the world of anime has taught us anything, it’s that no idea is off limits and there’s a niche market for everything under the sun.

And just when we thought we’d seen everything, with the appearance of a moe-fied Goeppels in a Nazi parody and the adventures of Butt Detective, a talking butt that solves crimes, it’s time to take a look at a new series, centred around the world of tights.

Called Miru Tights, the new anime series is based on an original story by Yomu, a Japanese illustrator whose work commonly features women in stockings, and it debuted on Nico Nico Channel and dAnime Store on 11 May.

The focus is on the tights just as much as it is on the schoolgirls, making them a character all on their own. And as the anime opens with the three main characters arriving at school on a rainy day in April, with cherry blossom petals floating in the puddles outside, they each have to deal with their wet stockings in their own special ways.

News source: soranews24.com
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