Man pulled over in Japan for drunk driving claims his body 'produces alcohol' -- May 27
On the evening of 22 May in the city of Itami, Hyogo Prefecture, a 28-year-old electrician was arrested for drunk driving.

Just before midnight the station wagon he was driving collided with a traffic light and after officers arrived on the scene, they determined he was intoxicated.

However, at the same time the suspect told police, "I have a rare condition, and when I get nervous my body produces alcohol. My doctor told me before." Police didn't seem to buy it though, and proceeded with the arrest. The suspect is currently denying the charges.

It's an interesting almost-superpower that this man claims to have. It's kind of like The Hulk, only when this guy says "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry," he doesn't mean because he'll turn into an unstoppable monster. He means he'll complain about foreigners or sing "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons both very loudly and very poorly.

Needless to say, many eyes were rolled online on this day.

Many of these naysayers might be surprised to find that the suspect's highly suspect condition actually exists, and is often called "auto brewery syndrome" but more accurately known as "auto fermentation syndrome" or "endogenous ethanol fermentation" if you want to sound like a real smarty-pants.

Those with this rare condition have an abnormal level of certain types of yeast in their stomachs that aid in converting sugars and other carbs into alcohol. For example, if a person with auto brewery syndrome eats a grape, it literally becomes wine inside their gut. And if done in large enough quantities, then enough wine would be produced to give that person a buzz without ever drinking a drop of alcohol.

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