Woman helped by daughter, 11, in killing husband before entombing corpse in concrete
tokyoreporter.com -- Jul 08
To outside observers, it must have sounded like a mob hit: In July of last year, police raided the Kasumigaura City residence of Miho Ujiie and the found a corpse entombed in concrete inside a closet.

But rather than gangsters, the crime was the work of Ujie, 45, and a most unlikely person as Fuji News Network reports (July 5).

At the Mito District Court on Friday, presiding judge Mayumi Terasawa described the crimes of Ujie as “extremely vicious” in handing down a 23-year prison term for the murder of her husband, Noboru, and the dumping of his body.

According to the ruling, Ujie used a charging cable for a smartphone to fatally strangle Noboru, then 33, inside the residence on around February 17, 2018. Later that month, she placed the corpse in a garbage bag and entombed it in concrete. The body was then placed in the closet.

News source: tokyoreporter.com
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