Tokyo: Man, 50, accused of abducting middle school girl for molestation -- Aug 22
Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 50-year-old man over the alleged abduction of a middle school girl in order to molest her last month, reports TBS News (Aug. 21).

At just before 10:00 p.m. on July 9, Shinji Watanabe, a company employee, lured the girl, 14, into his minivan on a road in Musashimurayama City. “Get inside — there’s something I’d like to discuss,” he reportedly said.

Watanabe then pulled the van into a nearby parking lot. “Touch my lower body,” he then instructed her.

After the girl refused, she exited the vehicle, according to the Higashiyamato Police Station.

“There’s no question that I abducted [her], but carrying out obscene acts was not my motive,” the suspect was quoted by police in partially denying the allegations.

Police are investigating whether Watanabe was behind 10 similar incidents that have taken place in the area since the end of May.

東京・武蔵村山市の路上で女子中学生に声を掛け、わいせつ目的で誘拐したとして50歳の会社員の男が逮捕されました。 渡辺慎司容疑者は7月、武蔵村山市の路上で、帰宅途中の中学3年の女子生徒をわいせつ目的で誘拐した疑いが持たれています。警視庁によりますと、渡辺容疑者は「聞きたいことがある」と女子生徒に声を掛け、自分の車に乗せて近くの駐車場に連れて行き、わいせつな行為をしようと車内で女子生徒に迫りましたが、拒否されたため、路上で解放したということです。渡辺容疑者は「わいせつな行為をしようという思いはなかった」と容疑を一部、否認しています。
News sources:, ANNnewsCH
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