Nissan chief Saikawa to step down Sept 16; successor to be named
Japan Today -- Sep 10
Nissan Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa tendered his resignation Monday after acknowledging that he had received dubious income and vowed to pass the leadership of the Japanese automaker to a new generation.

"It would have been better if I had been able to resolve everything first," Saikawa told reporters, appearing at the end of an evening news conference at company headquarters in Yokohama.

He was referring to deteriorating profits at the automaker and questions about Nissan's relationship with alliance partner Renault of France, as well as the unfolding financial scandals that have tarnished the brand.

Saikawa's predecessor, Carlos Ghosn, who led Nissan for two decades, is awaiting trial on various financial misconduct allegations. Ghosn says he is innocent.

"I am sorry to investors, customers and of course our workers," said Saikawa.

Board member Yasushi Kimura earlier announced that the board had approved Saikawa's resignation, effective Sept 16, and a successor would be appointed next month. A search is underway, he added.

Calls for Saikawa's resignation, which arose after Ghosn's arrest last year, have grown louder after Saikawa acknowledged last week that he had received dubious payments.

The income was linked to the stock price of Nissan Motor Co, and he has said his pay got inflated after the date for cashing in was illicitly adjusted. He has said he was unaware of the adjustment.

The automaker's board met to look into the allegations against Saikawa, as well as other issues related to Ghosn's allegations and corporate ethics at the company.

日産自動車は西川広人社長が今月16日付で辞任すると発表しました。西川社長は自身の不正報酬問題の責任を取った形です。 日産は前会長のゴーン被告らによる不正が350億円以上に上ると結論付けた社内調査を公表しました。この調査で、西川社長も4700万円分の不正な報酬を受け取っていたことが明らかになりました。西川社長は9日の取締役会で辞任を求められ、了承しました。 日産自動車・西川広人社長:「(Q.今の率直な感情は?)毎日、全力を尽くしているので毎日、悔いはないというふうにやってますから、まあ、できる限りのことはやりました」 西川社長は社長を辞任した後も取締役として日産にとどまることになります。後任の社長は山内康裕COO(最高執行責任者)が暫定的に就任し、正式な後任は来月末までに選定することにしています。
News sources: Japan Today, ANNnewsCH
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