EU to ease restrictions on Japanese food imports
NHK -- Oct 06
The European Union has informed the Japanese government that it will likely ease import restrictions on Japanese food products before the end of the year.

The EU has required radiation tests and safety certificates for agricultural and fishery products from 12 prefectures since the 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe late last month that the restrictions will be eased by the end of the year if everything goes smoothly.

After the easing, safety certificates will no longer be required for any products from Iwate, Tochigi and Chiba Prefectures; for fishery products from Miyagi, Ibaraki and Gunma Prefectures; and mushrooms from Ibaraki, Niigata and Nagano Prefectures.

The foreign ministry says the easing of restrictions by the EU that has many European member states will have a significant meaning.

The ministry plans to urge other countries that continue to have restrictions to remove them soon as well.

News source: NHK
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