Typhoon death toll nears 60
NHK -- Oct 14
People in Japan are dealing with the aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis. The death toll now stands at 58 as cleanup efforts are underway in many areas.

A Panamanian-registered cargo ship with a capacity of 12 people sank off the coast of Kawasaki City on Saturday, leaving seven people dead. Kanagawa Prefecture says the accident was caused by Typhoon Hagibis.

In addition to the fatalities, 14 people are listed as missing. More than 210 others were injured during the weekend storm.

Officials say up to 40 percent of the yearly rainfall was recorded in only a day or two in many areas.

The storm caused more than a hundred rivers to overflow. Levees broke in at least 21, flooding streets and residential areas.

The Chikuma River in Nagano Prefecture, northwest of Tokyo, is among them.

Roads are completely submerged with muddy water. Houses across the region were flooded with up to three meters of water.

"I have no idea how to sweep away this mud. It is a real problem," said one resident.

A railway bridge collapsed into the river and floodwaters disrupted railway services. A maintenance depot for the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train line was flooded.

East Japan Railway reports 10 trains, with a total of 120 carriages, were damaged by water levels that rose to an estimated four meters.

In Tomioka City north of Tokyo, a landslide washed away several homes, leaving at least 4 people dead.

News source: NHK
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