Kindergarten staffer accused of assaulting pupil -- Oct 24
Fukuoka Prefectural Police have arrested a staff member at a kindergarten in Munakata City over the alleged abuse of a male pupil earlier this year, reports Kyodo News (Oct. 21).

At some point between around 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m on June 26, Kozue Kiyohara, the assistant principal at Hinosatonishi, allegedly slapped the boy, 6, in the face during a gymnastics class.

“Since he was crying, I just touched his cheeks with both hands as a means of encouragement,” Kiyohara was quoted in denying the allegations.

Kozue Kiyohara (Twitter)

On the evening of the incident, the mother of the boy noticed he was injured when she picked him up. When she asked Kiyohara, the suspect said that “he might have bumped into something.”

While the boy was receiving a medical examination at a hospital, he suggested that he had been slapped. A hospital staff member then alerted police.

Other incidents

On Monday, the government of Munakata City revealed that parents had reported a total of 11 incidents of violence due to Kiyohara over the past three years. Since Kiyohara became assistant principal in 2011, more than 60 childcare workers have resigned from their posts.

In another case from this year, another guardian claimed that that Kiyohara injured the mouth of their child by pressing down and holding their face. At that time, the city and prefectural governments issued a warning to Hinosatonishi.

福岡県宗像市にある保育園の副園長の女が園児の顔をたたいてけがをさせたとして、逮捕されました。女は他の園児にもトイレの前で食事をさせるなどしていた疑いが浮上しています。  警察によりますと、宗像市にある保育園の副園長・清原こづえ容疑者(40)は今年6月、担当クラスで体操の指導中に男の子(6)の顔をたたいて顔面打撲のけがをさせたとして逮捕されました。「励ますために両手で頬に触れただけ」などと容疑を否認しています。  保護者:「上の子は気に入らないからって、トイレの前に机を出されて食事させられたりとか。階段があるんですが、蹴られて転げ落ちたりとか」  この男性は、園に通う自分の息子も清原容疑者から被害を受けたと話しています。  保護者:「副園長(清原容疑者)がほとんど暴力的なことをやっていた。気に入らない子どもに給食のみそ汁を掛けたりとか。日常茶飯事みたいで、良い評判は一つもないです」  この保育園では2011年に清原容疑者が副園長になって以降、保育士が60人以上退職していることが分かっていて、警察は園の運営状況などについても詳しく調べる方針です。
News sources:, ANNnewsCH
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