Man accused of molesting girl after strangling her unconscious -- Nov 04
Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 30-year-old man over the alleged molestation of a girl in Shinjuku Ward earlier this year, reports Sankei Sports (Nov. 2).

On the night of August 17, Shuhei Akazawa, then unemployed, came up from behind the girl as she commuted home and strangled her around the neck.

After she fainted, he took her to a nearby building where he allegedly fondled her body.

The girl suffered an injury to her left thigh near the crotch, the Yotsuya Police Station said.

Akazawa, who was accused of indecent assault on Saturday, admits to the allegations. “I couldn’t suppress my feelings of sexual desire within reason for a woman to my liking whom I had just met by chance,” the suspect was quoted by police.

According to police, Akazawa, a resident of Agano City, Niigata Prefecture, is now a company employee. At the time, he was not acquainted with the girl.

Prior to the incident, the suspect followed the girl for several hundred meters. Afterward, the girl awoke and sought help from a man nearby.

The suspect became a person of interest in the case after an examination of security camera footage.

東京・新宿区で10代の女性の首を絞めて失神させたうえ、太ももをかんでけがをさせたとして30歳の男が逮捕されました。  新潟県阿賀野市の会社員・赤沢修平容疑者は8月、新宿区の路上で10代の女性の首を絞めて失神させ、近くのビルの1階に連れ込んで太ももをかんでけがをさせた強制わいせつ致傷の疑いが持たれています。警視庁によりますと、現場は人通りの少ない住宅街で、赤沢容疑者は女性を大通りから数百メートルにわたって後をつけた後、後ろから腕で首を絞めて失神させたということです。取り調べに対し、赤沢容疑者は「たまたま見掛けた女性に対して自分の気持ちを理性で抑えられずに犯行してしまいました」などと容疑を認めています。
News sources:, ANNnewsCH
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