Pope appeals for peace in Nagasaki
NHK -- Nov 24
Pope Francis is in Nagasaki -- a city that was devastated by an atomic bomb during the Second World War. Here is part of his message of peace, delivered from ground zero.

"A world of peace, free from nuclear weapons, is the aspiration of millions of men and women everywhere. To make this ideal a reality calls for involvement on the part of all: individuals, religious communities and civil society, countries that possess nuclear weapons and those that do not, the military and private sectors, and international organizations. Our response to the threat of nuclear weapons must be joint and concerted, inspired by the arduous yet constant effort to build mutual trust and thus surmount the current climate of distrust.

Convinced as I am that a world without nuclear weapons is possible and necessary, I ask political leaders not to forget that these weapons cannot protect us from current threats to national and international security. We need to ponder the catastrophic impact of their deployment, especially from a humanitarian and environmental standpoint, and reject heightening a climate of fear, mistrust and hostility fomented by nuclear doctrines."

Later on Sunday, the Pope will visit a monument that commemorates 26 Christians who were crucified in the late 16th century because of their faith. That marked the beginning of centuries of Christian persecution in Japan.

The pope will also hold a mass at a baseball stadium in the city.

He will then travel to Hiroshima to take part in a meeting for peace at the other atomic bombing site.

23日に38年ぶりに来日したローマ教皇は24日、被爆地の長崎と広島を訪れて平和へのメッセージを発信します。  ローマ・カトリック教会のフランシスコ教皇は23日夜、ローマ教皇庁の大使館で「若い時から日本に慈しみと愛着を抱いていて、ようやく日本での宣教の希望がかなった」と、日本訪問の喜びを語りました。24日は日本訪問の最大の目的である、被爆地から世界へメッセージを発信するためにまず長崎市を訪れ、爆心地公園で核兵器廃絶についてスピーチします。その後、広島市の平和記念公園で行われる「平和のための集い」に出席する予定です。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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