Japanese rental car experience: Better than trains?
ONLY in JAPAN -- Jan 01
Driving in Japan is a wonder experience for those who want to escape the touristy areas over-visited by JR Rail Pass holders.

Yes, Japan has some of the world’s best trains, but it’s also a big car

culture, many of the world’s top car makers based in Japan and the roads here were built for them.

Driving a car can be more economical for families and rather than wheeling around suitcases, cars

will be able to get your luggage around faster. You aways have a locker to keep your things safe!

But is it better than a JR Rail Pass?

Depending on what you want to do, I think so. With an international driver’s license, you can get

around those scenic roads, stop anywhere you like for a photo or go in your own direction. Away

from Tokyo and Osaka, you’ll be surprised a

t how spacious Japan really is!

Since rental cars all come with English Navigation Systems, you almost ever get lost.

Just study some of the traffic laws before you start and take it easy out there.

News source: ONLY in JAPAN
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