Japan sports legends to start Tokyo Olympic torch relay in Fukushima
newsonjapan.com -- Feb 06
The 2020 Tokyo Olympics torch relay will start on March 12, 2020, and end on July 24, 2020. Olympics organizers will lit up the torch in Olympia, Greece and take it to Athens after one week. Sports enthusiasts can get the latest sports news about the Olympics at Betway.

The Japanese phase of the torch relay will start in Fukushima and end in the New National Stadium, Tokyo. Read on to learn more about the 2020 Summer Olympics and its torch relay.

2020 Tokyo Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics will run from July 24, 2020, up to August 9, 2020. The international sports competition will take place in Tokyo, Japan. The International Olympics committee chose Tokyo as the host in the 125th ICO Session that occurred on September 7, 2013, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tokyo hosted the last Summer Olympics in 1964.

The Olympics will feature new competitions like extra mixed events, 3×3 basketball, Madison cycling, and freestyle BMX. The Tokyo Olympics will introduce karate, skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing.

The Olympic Torch Relay

The International Olympics and the 2020 Tokyo committees added Futaba to the Olympic torch relay route. The Fukushima nuclear disaster affected it amongst other Japanese towns.

The government evacuated the whole population in March 2011 and it has allowed tourists to tour four percent of Futaba since 2011. But, the Japanese government temporarily lifted its evacuation order for the Olympic torch relay to visit the town, according to Kyodo News. The torch will arrive in the Asian country on March 20, 2020.

Gamblers can visit https://betwaythailand.net/ to bet on different Tokyo Olympic Games. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics committee will first take the Olympic torch to the Ishinomaki Minamihama Tsunami Recovery Memorial Park, in the Miyagi Prefecture. Japanese sports legends will start the torch relay on March 26, 2020, in Fukushima.

The 2011 Women's World Cup Japanese team will first hold the Olympic torch relay on March 26. The team that won the 2011 World Cup shootout will take and pass it at J-Village National Training Centre, Fukushima. It inspired many Japanese supporters when it defeated the United States in the shootout's final.

Mizuki Noguchi (marathon Olympics gold medalist), Saori Yoshida (wrestling gold medalist) and Tadahiro Nomura (judo gold medalist) are among the torchbearers who will hold the Olympic torch in Greece. The 2020 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony will take place on June 24, 2020. The motto of the torch relay will be "Hope Lights Our Way." It will mostly focus on areas in which the tsunami and earthquake affected the most. It will show Japan's determination to recover from the two disasters that hit Fukushima.

Tokyo 2020 announced in March 2017 that Fukushima will host several softball and baseball games. They will include a two days softball game that will be played before the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Tokujin Yoshioka designed the 2020 Tokyo Olympic torch relay. Cherry blossoms inspired it as it has a rose gold color finish and five petal-shaped columns at its tip. Japanese sports legends will start the Japanese relay in Fukushima and end it in Tokyo. It will pass through 47 prefectural Japanese capitals. Pundits can place different Olympics bet at Betway.

News source: newsonjapan.com
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