3 men, 1 youth nabbed in mugging of executive in Komazawa
tokyoreporter.com -- Feb 09
Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested three men and a boy over the alleged assault and robbery of a male corporate executive in Setagaya Ward last year, reports TV Asahi (Feb. 8).

At around 3:00 p.m. on September 18, Ryoha Suzuki, 20, Mikito Matsushita, 21, allegedly worked together in the attack of the man, then 68, on a road in the Komazawa area.

After stealing the man’s bag, which contained about 10,000 yen in cash, the pair were assisted by Tatsumi Usami, 21, and the youth, 18, in fleeing the scene in a vehicle.

Mikito Matsushita, left, Ryoha Suzuki, center, and Tatsumi Usami (Twitter)

During the incident, the man tumbled to the ground, which resulted in injuries to an arm and shoulder.

All of the suspects admit to the allegations, police said. “We aimed at an elderly person who seemed to have money,” one of the suspects was quoted. Suzuki said, “We did it for money.”

News source: tokyoreporter.com
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