Lawmaker accused of corruption released on bail
NHK -- Feb 13
A Japanese lawmaker who has been indicted for accepting bribes in connection with a government-led integrated resort project has been released on bail.

Lower House member Tsukasa Akimoto was released from the Tokyo Detention House on Wednesday. He had posted bail of around 272,000 dollars.

Akimoto was indicted for the second time on February 3 on charges of accepting bribes from a Chinese firm three years ago. He was a state minister of the Cabinet Office in charge of integrated resorts, which include casinos.

The prosecutors say the company provided him with roughly 69,000 dollars' worth of bribes.

They include about 35,000 dollars for travel expenses for Akimoto's visit to Macao and a fee for his lecture at a symposium hosted by the Chinese firm in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture.

The Tokyo District Court on Monday approved Akimoto's release on bail following a request by his lawyer. The court rejected an appeal by prosecutors on Wednesday evening.

Informed sources say Akimoto has denied all the charges against him. The lawmaker has reportedly said he has never committed any irregularities and has no intention to resign as a lawmaker.

Akimoto has also indicated that he will attend a Diet session if he is released on bail.

News source: NHK
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