Hiroshima: Boy, 19, intentionally rams car into police station
tokyoreporter.com -- May 20
Hiroshima Prefectural Police arrested a 19-year-old boy after he rammed his vehicle into a police station in Fukuyama City early Tuesday, reports the Asahi Shimbun (May 19).

At around 12:40 a.m., the boy, a factory worker, drove the vehicle into the entrance of the Fukuyama East Police Station.

The boy then allegedly slapped a head patrol officer in the face after he began questioning the youth.

After he was taken into custody on suspicion of interfering with duties of a public servant over the slap, the boy admitted to the allegations, police said.

The entrance to the station is located a few meters off of a road. After the head patrol officer heard a loud sound, he went outside and found the vehicle lodged into the entrance with the boy nearby.

Alcohol was not detected on the boy’s breath, police said.

With police suspecting that the boy intentionally rammed into the entrance, the investigation is continuing on suspicion of causing property damage.

19日未明、広島県福山市の警察署に車が突っ込み、運転していたとみられる自称少年が警察官の顔を平手打ちしたとして逮捕されました。  午前0時半すぎ、福山東警察署の正面玄関に軽四貨物自動車が突っ込み、自動ドアが壊れました。けが人はいませんでした。警察官が車を運転していたとみられる自称19歳の少年に職務質問をしたところ、突然、顔面を平手で殴打してきたため、公務執行妨害の疑いで現行犯逮捕しました。調べに対して容疑を認めているということです。車は玄関に向かってまっすぐ突っ込んでいて、警察はわざと突っ込んだ可能性もあるとみて動機などを調べています。
News sources: tokyoreporter.com, ANNnewsCH
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