Tokyo sports club reopens with anti-virus steps
NHK -- Jun 01
People at a sports club in Tokyo have enjoyed playing tennis and soccer on the first Sunday since the state of emergency was lifted in the Japanese capital.

The sports club in Nerima Ward reopened last Tuesday after the government ended the state of emergency that had continued for about six weeks.

Visitors are asked to wash their hands when entering and leaving the facility. They also have their temperatures taken if they have not already done this at home.

The club does not insist that people wear tight-fitting face masks as these could increase the risk of heatstroke. Many wore other types of face covers.

The number of visitors is being limited to roughly 70 percent of the normal level. Information on how many people are using the club is posted on Twitter.

A 70-year-old woman who played tennis said she feels safe thanks to the anti-infection measures. She said she will observe the rules that she thinks may become the "new normal."

The general manager says he may need to close the club again if there is a second wave of infections. He adds that he is trying to find ways to allow people to play sports while protecting everyone against the virus.

News source: NHK
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